What is Data Design?

Database design is a process in which a database is broken down to such a level that a detailed data model is created. This data model is logical, and will contain all the necessary, components, and parameters to produce both a logical and physical design choice. These choices are then used to generate a design in a data definition language, which can then be used to create a database.


What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is a software engineering process, from which formal techniques are applied for a specific outcome which will be both used and applied to an information system.


What can data design or modeling do for my company?

It can represent your business with cutting edge technology, and an up to speed systems design that reflects your values. It can also implement a business strategy which may increase your reporting time, sharpen your analytic planning, and decrease your overhead costs to give you a head start over your competition. It can also convey a strong marketing message with sophisticated solutions to not-so-everyday business issues, which will attract the attention of new clientele, and impress your current ones. Your data design is an internal reflection of your business as well as your corporate image.

 A properly designed system and database will significantly contribute to your success. We offer designs that are flexible enough to match the image of your business, or your personal needs, while incorporating our approach to what makes a business successful. We emphasize on a design that is structurally appealing, quick to load, intuitive, and cost effective. Most importantly, we make our customers happy by providing them with expert work that is within their budget. Our clients are often so impressed they request our assistance with most of their new projects, and tend to think of us as a secret weapon against their competition.